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SyncLink USB Adapter
SyncLink® USB

Based upon MicroGate's FPGA serial controller, the SyncLink USB supports synchrnous line speeds to 10Mbps and interfaces with systems using USB 2.0 hi-speed (480Mbps) ports and is compatible with USB 3.0 ports.

SyncLink PCIe Adapter
SyncLink® PCIe

The newest PCI Express (PCIe) offering from MicroGate. Leveraging MicroGate's proven FPGA serial controller, the SyncLink PCIe operates synchronous line speeds to 10Mbps and serial RS422, V.35, RS232/530/530A interfaces. A wide range of synchronous and asynchronous protocols are directly supported by the SyncLink PCIe.

SyncLink GT4e Adapter
SyncLink® GT4e

The SyncLink GT4e is a 4-port adapter supporting synchronous/asynchronous, full duplex, serial communications cards supporting SDLC, HDLC, WAN, SNA, and BSC communications.

MicroGate Serial API
Windows and Linux API

The MicroGate Serial API supports SDLC, HDLC, BISYNC, MONOSYNC, ASYNC, ISOCHRONOUS and Raw Bit-Synchronous serial protocols. The API allows direct control of the SyncLink hardware or high-level control of the link layer protocol.